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Greetings, everyone!

PANDRA is proud to present our brand new feature – a stylish and dynamic arcade strategy called Stone Age, a game so wild natured that it’s like a beast that’s hard to tame.

Our game app will carry you back to prehistoric times, to the era when men first attempted to conquer the wilderness, and one law governed all: the strongest shall survive.

You shall become a chief of a Neanderthal tribe and you shall undertake a difficult quest: to provide food and protection to your fellow tribesmen. Whether your people will prosper and your wives are content shall depend only on you. You are going to hunt wild animals with no help from anyone. Your enemies are belligerent and tireless, yet who said that one strong warrior cannot win a war?

You must always stay on guard in this hostile environment – so whenever you see an enemy approach – don’t think too long before you throw your club at him – if you’re fast enough, you’ll stay alive and carry on providing for your tribe. If you’re good at fulfilling your chores and all of your tribesmen are well-fed – you’ll get a reward: a harem of as many wives as you wish. Isn’t that what every alpha male dreams about?

Besides, each player can build a village of his dreams amongst the bare cliffs to be inhabited by Neanderthals, each of them bringing a special bonus. Some may even succeed to bring a shaman to their village and thus become invincible.

The many features of Stone Age include:

-       a unique combination of game genres;

-        numerous and various enemies;

-        diverse rewards and bonuses;

-        interesting and vivid locales;

-        simple intuitive controls.

With each new level the locales become more dangerous and the number of enemies grows, while the mission time becomes shorter and shorter. The early levels are a piece of cake, but wait till you get on to the next ones – it will be a death match.

Stone age lets you find your inner Neanderthal, feel like one of the prehistoric people and unleash your wildest instincts – says the game’s producer – this time we have managed to produce a literally savage game – in the good sense of the word – that is both engaging and fun. At the same time, we set our goal to make a game app that could be launch at a any spare second or, for this matter, paused any second, but not long=) I believe that PANDRA team did excellent at this.

Stone Age works both on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4 generation and iPad 2, so we hope that all connoisseurs of the genre will be able to enjoy it. Our app will be an exciting treat for mobile gamers, as it combines pure drive with a unique combination of genres – it’s an arcade strategy with social mechanics – so not even the most sophisticated will be left indifferent.

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Stone Age on iTunes:

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