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Hongxing Company lays much emphasis on environmental protection. We pursue advanced techonlogy to achieve clean production.

The leading products of our company include: ball mill,raymond mill, sand-maker, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, concentrator, disc feeder, pendulum type feeder

hydraulic cyclone, etc. Moreover, we can provide program design, process flow design, standard and non-standard design for clients.

Green designing is an advanced design idea that is popular in resent years. It means that in the whole life cycle of the product, the manufacturing process should

focus on environment and resources protection and pay attention to the environmental property of the product such as utilization of the resources, influences on the

environment, detachability, retrievability and reutilization and some other features.

Green designing is also the key link that makes the grinding mill to be greed product. During the design process, we should take sufficient consideration into the

application of the grinding mill itself and the negative effect of the manufacturing on the ecological environment and the manufacturers should minimize the harm and

even eliminate it. So, how can we realize this brand new green design idea of grinding mill?

First of all, the raw material that is used in the production process of the grinding mill must be retrievable, disassemble, renewable and nuisanceless. At present, the

raw materials of this mill are steel, cast iron, alloy which all can be recycled and reused. If these materials cannot satisfy the production conditions, we will have to

choose some nuisanceless materials to replace them. Secondly, during the grinding process, great impact and vibration will be produced. In order to reduce the

power consumption, we should choose high strength cast iron material that has vibration attenuation and absorption characteristics. In the structure aspect, we

should adopt stress self maintaining whole carrier bar which is able to voluntarily offset the pressure inside the structure and at the same tome adopt various kinds of

spring support that has vibration isolation performance. The conservation and maintenance of the green is also indispensible. The reduction of consumption means

reduction of environmental pollution and saving of resources, maintain and restore the functions of the equipment with the least resources consumption and realize

high efficiency of the application of the materials and energy in order to improve the quality and benefits of economic operation. Of course, dust removing and

noise decreasing is also representation of green design and adopting the structure with exhaust vacuuming, seal treatment, isolation sound-absorbing functions will

be a good choice.

The grinding mill series manufactured by Hongxing Machinery implement green design idea. Take the vertical Raymond mill as an example, this machine adopts

material layer fine grinding theory and the electricity consumption is only 70% to 80% of that of ball mill. In addition, it can be operated in negative pressure and

there is no dust problem. Another example is medium speed mill, which adopts highly efficient pulse dust catcher and there is no dust pollution in the operation of

the whole set of equipment, and it is configured with silencer and censored room which can be used to reduce noise pollution and protect the surrounding.

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